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Research Funding

IOPTP Funding of Research Projects 

A fully completed application form (in English and signed by the main

applicant and administrative responsible person of institute) and a CV

from the applicant should be received by the IOPTP by March 15th  of

each year. Application forms should be submitted as a PDF file and

sent to The amount of funding may

vary each year but typically are about $5000 . In 2024, the IOPTP 

will be funding 2 grants at $7000 each. 

ADDITIONALLY, a letter from the President/Chair of the applicant’s

IOPTP member organization must be submitted stating that the

applicant is a member.

You will receive a confirmation of receipt. If not received within 6

working days after submission of the application, please send a

reminder to the above mentioned e-mail address.

The VISION of the IOPTP is to empower physical therapists with an

interest in paediatrics to provide effective PT services for children

throughout the world. Additionally, the IOPTP is dedicated to the goal

of improving the quality and delivery of services to children and their

families. One of the ways that the IOPTP accomplishes this goal is by

providing support to physical therapists during their development of

research careers pursuing scientifically based and clinically relevant

research that investigates what is necessary in the content and delivery

of care to increase the clinical effectiveness and functional outcomes

of physical therapist practice in paediatrics.

As an organization of physical therapists in paediatrics, the IOPTP

supports only those intervention studies in which the interventions are

directed by physical therapists although other individuals may

participate in some aspects of the interventions.

The total amount of funding may vary from year to year (depending on

available resources). Guidelines for distribution of funds and criteria for

selecting recipients are established by IOPTP Executive Committee 

and implemented by the Committee on Research (COR) of the IOPTP

( or a Scientific Review Committee(SRC) appointed by the IOPTP

Executive Committee). The COR or the SRC will review applications

and make recommendations to the IOPTP Executive Committee.


The intent of the IOPTP is to fund the most relevant projects taking

into account the qualifications of the applicants to ensure that the

paediatric physical therapy profession benefits from the commitment,

scholarship, and academic or clinical practice of these individuals.


Priority will be given to applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Have demonstrated potential for a career as an academic                      researcher and/or educator in an accredited physical therapy                education program, or a leader in clinical practice.

  • Preference will be given to those whose research is directly                          related to the Strategic Plan of the IOPTP.

IOPTP Eligibility

At the time of application, the applicant must:

  • Be a member of an IOPTP member organization

  • Have met  requirements for physical therapy practice in their                        IOPTP member country

  • Must demonstrate commitment to further the physical therapy              profession through research , teaching, or practice ​

Research integrity

The IOPTP expects that the highest ethical standards and compliance

with public laws and regulations will be adhered to by all recipients

when undertaking any type of research supported by IOPTP funds. It

is expected that recipients will:

  • Be intellectually honest in proposing, performing, and reporting             research

  • Be accurate in representing contribution in research proposals and            reports

  • Be fair in peer reviews

  • Be collegial in scientific interactions, including communications                        and sharing of resources

  • Be transparent in conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of                      interest

  • Ensure the protection of human subjects in the conduct of research                    in accordance with the World Health Organization -  ­­Ethical                    Standards and Procedures for Research with Human Beings.

  • Adhere to the mutual responsibilities between investigators and                      their research teams.

Criteria for evaluation of IOPTP application

Recommendation for funding will be based on the comprehensiveness  

of the application and the qualifications of the applicant with regard to

potential for research, teaching, or practice in physical therapy.

Selection will be based on the following criteria.


Is the applicant’s professional record of high quality? A summary of the

applicant’s professional background, future goals, publications and

presentations will be considered. Does the applicant demonstrate a

commitment to research, teaching or practice in the area of pediatrics

in physical therapy? Are the research qualifications(including successful

completion of funded research) and track record appropriate for the

area of pediatrics? Are the research interests of the applicant and the

IOPTP compatible?

Objectives and Plan of Study

Does the applicant outline appropriate objectives of the study? Does

the proposed plan of study state how the applicant’s objectives

address the vision of the IOPTP? Does the applicant describe the

potential significance and feasibility of the research plan?

IOPTP Funding Application Form
Downloadable Document

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