IOPTP Member Organizations

Australian Physiotherapy Paediatrics Special Interest Group ( Australia)
Kinepedia ( Belgium)
Canadian Physiotherapy Association Paediatric Division ( Canada)
Colombian Physical Therapy Association Pediatric Group ( Colombia)
Fagforum for boernefysioterapi under Danske Fysioterapeuter ( Denmark)
Ethiopian Paediatric Physiotherapy Group ( Ethiopia)
Fachknmmission Physiotherapie Kinder und Jugendmedizin Physio Deutschland ( Germany )
Scientific Department of Paediatric Physiotherapy ( Greece)
Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association Limited ( Hong Kong)
Chartered Physiotherapists in Paediatrics ( Ireland)
Associazione Italiana Fisioterapisti – Gis Fisioterapia Pediatrica AIFI ( Italy )
Japan Society of Physical Therapy for Pediatrics ( Japan)
Korean Organization of Physical Therapy in Paediatrics ( Korea)
Dutch Association for Pediatric Physical Therapy – NVFK ( Netherlands)
New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists Paediatric Special Interest Group ( New Zealand)
Association of Paediatric Physiotherapists in Nigeria ( Nigeria)
Faggruppen for barne-og ungsdomsfyioterapi – Norwegian Physiotherapist Association
Grupo de interesse de Fisioterapia em Pediatria ( Portugal)
Saudi Arabian Paediatric Group ( Saudi Arabia)
The South African Society of Physiotherapy ( South Africa)
Asociacion Española de Fisioterapeutas ( Spain)
Sektionen for habilitering och pediatrik  ( Sweden)
Physiotheraptia Paediatrica ( Switzerland)
The Physical Therapy Association of ROC ( Taiwan)
Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists ( United Kingdom)
American Physical Therapy Association Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy ( USA)

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